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Outside of child custody disputes, one of the most difficult issues to resolve in any divorce is property division. You know that once your divorce is finalized, you will have fewer assets than you did before your divorce. You also know that to be able to move forward from your divorce, you must reach a fair result in the division of your marital property.

I am family lawyer Francie L. Novar.  Since 2003, I have helped individuals throughout Washtenaw, Wayne and surrounding counties achieve their goals in marital property division. I take great pride in offering aggressive legal representation with integrity. I find my approach is particularly helpful in marital division issues, including situations where one spouse has hidden or failed to disclose significant assets.

Protecting Your Rights Under Michigan Law

In Michigan, family courts start with a presumption that each spouse is entitled to half of the marital estate. Courts first assign property as either martial property or separate property. Generally speaking, any property acquired by either party prior to the marriage is separate property, as well as any assets acquired by gift or inheritance. However, under certain circumstances, separate property may be considered marital property. In other circumstances, a spouse may be entitled to invade their spouse’s separate property as part of the marital property settlement.

There can be any number of unique issues in the division of marital property. For instance, when one or both spouses own a business, it is necessary to determine the value of the business. Spouses may have vastly different opinions on what a business is worth. In other cases, particularly when one spouse handles most of the finances, one spouse may hide assets from the other. My law firm understands what to look for in these situations, and will do all that we can to make sure all martial property is discovered.

While judges often order a 50/50 split of all marital assets and debt, courts are free to order a different division as equity requires. In certain situations, a court may deviate from an 50/50 division. Whatever the specific circumstances of your case, know that I will protect your rights in negotiations, mediation, and when necessary, trial.

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