Michigan Divorce Lawyer

At the law office of Francie L. Novar, PLLC, I offer substantial experience representing both men and women in divorce and family law matters. I understand the stress and anxiety that is often associated with divorce. When you hire me, I will take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and help you understand all your options.

In every divorce, whether contested or not, I will work closely with you throughout the divorce process, from the decision to file divorce, through negotiated settlements or trial, to post-judgment requests for modification or enforcement. I will skillfully handle all matters in your divorce, including:

  • Child custody and visitation: I will help you reach an agreement that is both in the best interests of your children, but also protects your rights as a parent.
  • Child support: Whether you will pay support or will receive support, my law firm will review any child support orders to ensure compliance with Michigan guidelines and to ensure that all relevant income is included in the calculation.
  • Alimony / spousal support:  I will work to determine a fair resolution, whether you are paying or receiving support.
  • Division of marital debts and assets: I help my clients equitably divide all martial debts and assets of your marriage, such as real and personal property, retirement accounts, investments and bank accounts, and business interests.

Are You Worried That You Cannot Afford an Attorney?

I regularly represent parents, usually mothers, who have not worked outside the home during the marriage. If your spouse was the primary breadwinner in your marriage, you may be concerned whether or not you can afford an attorney. Under Michigan law, if you can show that you are unable to pay for legal representation and that your spouse is able, the court must order your spouse to pay your attorneys fees. Do not hesitate to call me and we can discuss payment options.

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