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If you are involved in divorce proceedings and have minor children, you need a lawyer on your side who can offer practical counsel and strong representation. Simply put, child custody disputes can be challenging.  It is often difficult to make objective decisions in the middle of a divorce or a custody dispute. You want an experienced attorney who has helped other parents put together parenting plans that work for both them and their children.

At the law firm of Francie L. Novar, PLLC, I represent men and women in and around Washtenaw & Wayne Counties in all types of child custody disputes. In every case I will work closely with you to help you reach an agreement that is in the best interests of your children. In the early stages of your case, I will give you practical, candid advice on how your child custody dispute may be resolved. In this way, my clients have reasonable expectations about how their case will be resolved.

Helping My Clients Reach Fair Agreements in Mediation

Whenever possible, I recommend mediation over litigation to resolve child custody issues. Mediation has a number of advantages over litigation. First off, mediation often helps parents find some common ground in heated disputes. Secondly, mediation gives each parent more control over the eventual outcome. In litigation, each parent will have to live with the judge’s final determination. Lastly, mediation is usually less expensive than litigation.

Of course, I know that mediation or negotiation may not be appropriate in every case. No matter how your case is resolved, I will help you put a parenting plan in place that promotes the best interests of your children while protecting your parental rights. I will help you establish custody and visitation agreements that take into consideration the educational, medical and religious needs of your children.

Handling Michigan Child Support Orders During and After a Divorce

I will also help you establish appropriate child support payments, whether you are receiving or paying support. In child support matters, our law firm is able to modify and enforce child support orders in the years and months following divorce.

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